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With all the colors and material options in our product line, we here at Micron are always looking to upgrade our photo gallery and always appreciate our customers help. If you have some good photo's of your bike and the Micron exhaust, please send them to us so we can get them into our gallery for all the world to see!

Please keep the photo's "politically correct" and neutral, we are not able to post "advertisments" for companies or such, and cannot have people in the photo's as this gets everyone into all sorts of legal issues. Just good 'ol fashioned photo's of your machine and the Micron exhaust is what we are needing for our gallery.

Please only send jpeg files (these are files that end with a .jpg or .jpeg). This is to help in minimizing the risks of viruses being sent, as a policy we do not open any unknown files from unknown sources. Also, do not send files over 1 Megabyte in size (1000 kilobytes), as we are only posting these on the web and high resolution is not necessary. If you would like, please include your name and phone number in case we need to speak with you about the photo's.

Thanks in advance, we look foward to adding your motorcycle to the gallery!

Micron North America

You may send the pictures to