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Probably second only to the Isle of Man in terms of the greatest roadrace in the world, the Northwest 200 once again is DOMINATED by Micron performance! And take note, Micron dominates with almost every brand of bike that races!

Superbike Micron wins again!

Michael Rutter Ducati 998

Micron Wins 600 Supersport (Micron 7 of 10)

1 Ryan Farquhar Kawasaki ZX6RR

2 Callum Ramsey Honda CBR600RR

4 John McGuiness Triumph TT600

5 Michael Rutter Ducati 748

6 Jim Moodie Triumph TT600

7 Bruce Ansty Triumph TT600

10 Ryan Rainey Honda CBR600RR

Micron Wins Production Supersport 600 (Micron 6 of 10)

1 Ryan Farquhar Kawasaki ZX6RR

3 Bruce Ansty Triumph TT600

5 John McGuiness Triumph TT600

6 Ryan Rainey Honda CBR600RR

8 Callum Ramsey Honda CBR600RR

10 Jason Griffiths Yamaha R6


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