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Micron blasts by the industry with the release of our newest designs for the 2006 Yamaha YZF-R6 (more models coming, see below!). As always, Micron offers the highest performance combined with engineering and design unmatached by anyone in the motorcycle industry!

The all new R6 introduces to the motorcycling the first of the "Moto GP" exhaust looks, and we spent months engineering not only the finest looking exhaust for the machine, but one that sounds and performs beyond anything else available.

We first started with the "dump pipe", a short connecting tube flared at one end, but found the sound and look to be less then interesting. How much expertise and sound can anyone believe is in a 5" piece of pipe that sells for $99, much less any amount more...? (But we do have these available, so if you do like this type, let us know.)

Next we went to the "chop an oval muffler" route, which seems that many companies have no choice but to offer. We found these to be "stubby", and looked more like coffee cans "hacked" at strange angles to make customers believe they were "all new". But let's face it, these are just the same old mufflers stuffed into a different space. Not exactly engineering excellence, much less offering any visual congruence to the fantastic lines of the machine.

So we at Micron decided that the time had come for an all new design of exhaust to debut on the all new design of bike. Just as the old English straight pipes of the '50's gave way to the upswept megaphone of the '70's, which then gave way to the "canister" look of the '90's, Yamaha and Suzuki have set the standard for where style is headed, and that look is the GP!

Using our exclusive Hydroforming process, we have crafted the lightest (493 grams, barely 1 lb!), most beautifully styled exhaust to appear in years. The canister not only expands in shape, but "wraps and turns" along the lines of the bike in a 3 dimensional sweep that no other company could ever create in such beauty. The seamless body of the GP cannot be created in traditional bending and welding, but is only the result of 6 seperate hydroforming processes that "blow" a boring "dump pipe" tube into the awesome GP!

But sound is just as important, thus the GP is not just an arbitrary shape but an entire design that was created to enhance and acentuate the incredible sound the R6 gives.. A wonderfully deep, strong tone that transforms into the most awesome howl over 15,000 rpm's that has ever been heard in motorcycling has the GP standing out from everything else in the crowd. Nobody, and nothing, even comes close, you have GOT to hear one of these in person, they are unbelieveable!

And not only do we offer the standard version, we offer the GP in multiple colors to give that "extra" uniqueness to your machine and make sure nobody ever confuses your choice with anything else. Add this all up, and we think it is obvious why this is already one of the most talked about and fastest selling items we have ever offered.

Lastly, we want everyone to know that we are going to be offering the GP in "retro" kits for many of the past Sportbikes, so even if you have a 2005 R6, or older GSXR's, R1, ZX-10, etc., we will be giving you the option of the GP style to your machine. Email us at info@annitori.com for updates, these will be releasing as the year goes along.

Contact your favorite local Micron dealer to get yours now, or contact us directly by calling us toll free at 1-888-963-1212 (9-5 CST, M-F) and we will be happy to assist you.


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