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Micron again leads the industry with the release of our newest designs for the 2005+ Kawasaki ZX-600RR & ZX-636.

The awesome Twin Outlet, exclusive Micron race slip-ons with your choice of colors and materials, and the ultimate in performance, our Hydrofomed Serpent which some try to copy, but none have come close! As always, Micron offers the highest performance combined with the largest variety of designs, materials and colors.

Straight bolt on design, no cutting or hacking of any parts needed. Rear fender, turn signals, license plate holder are all retained (or you can choose to use any fender eliminator kit you like), but Micron never asks customers to "cut up" their motorcycle to install a poorly engineered product.

The exclusive Micron Twin Outlet has become the hottest selling product in motorcycling, great looks and sound that nobody else even comes close to! All stainless construction combined with the Micron exclusive Hydroforming manufacturing technique assures the maximum performance as well as fit, which combines into a design that not only looks stunning but is also the quality and style you expect from a World leader.

In full systems, once again Micron challenges all competitors to match the performance of our World Superbike tested Serpent designs. Simple round tube exhaust manufacturer's "cringe" at the thought of offering products that can even try to match Hydroforming, technology which is now becoming the leader in performance. With 6 years of leadership in hydroforming, Micron has no trouble with such designs, and the Serpent full systems bring the ZX's up to the performance level they deserve in the ultra competitive performance arena. A beautiful, strong curve with power only available from the newest in manufacturing technology! Let's see who can even come close...

Micron started the hydroforming revolution, and although some "followers" have now started to try and duplicate our inovations (only proving the fact that our technology is far beyond the basic tube benders of the old school), they are still a long way from catching up. These manufacturers so far have only single hydroformed pieces they "weld" into a conventional round tube (almost a "one fits all" approach), this is nowhere near the technology of our fully hydroformed designs done exactly for each machine. Imitation IS the greatest form of flattery, but our competitors are going to need a whole lot more then "single" pieces to match the performance of our incredible FULLY hydroformed designs!

Absolutely the most stunning designs we have released to date, choose and make Micron the perfect addition to your Kawasaki.

Contact your favorite local Micron dealer to get yours now, or contact Micron directly by calling us toll free at 1-888-963-1212 (9-5 CST, M-F) and we will be happy to assist you.


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