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Micron announces the ultimate addition to the all new Honda CBR-600RR, the vast range of Micron exhaust products.

Straight bolt on design, no cutting or hacking of any parts needed. Rear fender, turn signals, license plate holder are all retained, Micron never asks customers to "cut up" their motorcycle to install a poorly engineered product.

Some competitors use generic muffler sizes that "hang out" excessively from the back and could potentially block tail light or brake light view (or worse yet attract the attention of officials), creating situations that nobody wants to be in. The Micron design is the high quality you expect and only extends the exit tip in a beautiful gleam of polished stainless steel that looks as perfect as the machine you bought. The design and muffler are specific to the CBR, so the look is just what you expect from the best in the business.

Absolutely the most stunning design we have released to date, choose your canister design and make Micron the perfect addition to your CBR.

Contact your authorized local Micron dealer, or call North American sales toll free at 1-888-963-1212 (9-5 CST) and we will be happy to assist you directly.


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