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The hottest new design from Micron, the all new and fully hydroformed GP's for the 2006 Yamaha FZ-1 are thru R&D and the first batches are on their way.

These are far and away the finest addition ever offered for the 1000, because with one simple bolt on the machine takes on an entirely new look, losing completely the "boat anchor" stock muffler that is so distracting to the looks of the machine. Clean and neat from the exhaust back, the Micron GP really smooths out the look of the bke as no other exhaust can! Take a look in our photo gallery for the latest images, Photo Gallery, use Yamaha for Make and then FZ-1 06 for model to see additional images as we get them.

You will see right away that the Micron GP adds a whole new level of style to the FZ-1, something NOBODY else can even come close to offering. By using the hydroforming process where we "mold" metal instead of old school "bending", Micron is creating each GP specifically for each and every model, exactly to the lines and form of each machine. No "one fits all because that's all we've got" look going on here, each and every Micron looks and sounds as you would expect from a World leader in exhaust engineering.

Compare, and you will see that there is no comparison, not in any category. The GP blows everyone away for looks, sound, fit, finish and style, as each one has been specifically designed and created for each model of machine, so you get exactly the exhaust needed; shaped and formed precisely to the machine. No ugly gaps, no "square lines on a round hole" styling flaws, nothing but exact beauty and the flowing lines the bike demands. Look, and you will see that the GP is actually flowing along 3 dimensions, bending, twisting and turning all at once without a single body seam to disturb the flow. We are way past bending sheet metal on 2 dimensions and trying to weld bends into a shape. Even the slash cut end tip is a highly engineered piece to maintain performance while decreasing the "bite" of the exhaust note, giving the GP a deep, mellow tone down low with a huge and wonderful GP howl on top. Nothing else can even come close...

Straight bolt on, the GP drops the ugly stock muffler off and replaces it with just over 3 lbs of GP beauty. Big, deep and throaty, the GP combines the best sound of old style mufflers with the all new GP sound on top, and even has a removeable baffle insert so you can "customize" the sound to just what you like best. Really, this is one of the best designs we have ever come up with, a truly unique piece that is exactly what the new GP style for bikes have been looking for. The Photo Gallery has more images, then if you need, call us toll free at 1-888-963-1212 or Shop Online anytime, 24 hours a day. We are accepting orders, please get yours in soon so as to not miss the first batch releasing.

Welcome to the Micron GP revolution! As the megaphone of the '70's gave way to the canister of the 90's, so now the canister gives way to the Micron GP! Motorcycling is not about standing still, you've got to be good and you've got to be fast to stay up in this game. Micron engineering and quality keeps you far ahead of the competition!

Let us know if you have any additional questions, we will be happy to assist you via email, or you can contact us toll free at 1-888-963-1212.

The Micron GP...

Un-rivaled performance, un-matched engineering, un-believable sound. Get aboard and leave the dull and common behind.


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