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Are fuel adjustments required?

Although a jet kit / Power Commander with the Micron products is not required, there is as much, if not more,performance to be gained from the kit as compared to the product itself. Also consider that your bike is VERY lean to meet US EPA emission standards (which it is!), and any GOOD performance product will flow more air (which they should), so without additional fuel you are getting much too lean.

Do you HAVE to do the kit? No, you do not have to do anything in life, and many companies are more interested in selling you their product rather then telling you the honest answer. But you are probably aware enough to understand basic "engine 101" which tells you that if you change something at one end, you are going to need to change something at the other end. In this case, any aftermarket exhaust product which flows more air, is going to make your very lean stock motorcycle VERY, VERY lean, so you make your own choice. If a company says you do not have to do any adjustments to the fuel here in North America with their products, then either they are either no better or worse then stock for flow (which means you have no reason to spend money on their products!), or they don't care what happens to your motor...

So, for optimal performance, throttle response and engine durability, a fuel adjustment kit is a highly recommended part of the overall performance package.




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